JazzyThings Kid Approved Cookbook

Healthy (and kid approved recipes) to simplify your life!

Traditional favorites turned into SIMPLE & HEALTHY versions that have all literally been KID APPROVED! Blueberry pancakes, homemade graham crackers, mac & cheese, ice cream, and much more -- all turned into healthy versions!

In this e-cookbook, you will find all of your kids’ traditional favorites turned into SIMPLE & HEALTHY versions that have literally been KID APPROVED! Amazing kiddos and parents have contributed their time and taste buds. I compiled all of the kids’ favorite foods, created “Jazzy” versions of the recipes utilizing natural & unprocessed ingredients, and then the kids recreated the recipes, offering their feedback and approval!

Every picture with each recipe is the kids themselves participating in creating and approving the recipe. All recipes (over 20) have Jazzy Tips as well (additional baking tips, flavor suggestions, etc.). This cookbook has four sections: breakfast, fruits/snacks/veggies, entrees, and desserts! Throw away those packaged & frozen meals. JazzyThings Kid Approved Cookbook is here!

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